Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fried Banana

Have you ever heard of fried bananas? I haven't, until recently from friend on Plurk who lives in Singapore. She said it's one of the local snacks in Indonesia. The one she recommended was the Pisang Goreng Recipe.

Last night I decided to try a simpler recipe then the one mentioned above. I prepared the bananas using the Egg Roll Spring Roll Wrapper rather then making a batter. It came out good, however, the banana needed to be a little more ripe to give a sweeter taste. Next time I will definitely try the Pisang Goreng Recipe when I have a little more time to spare.


Donna D. said...

Hi Linda :-)
My pleasure! And vice versa you've taught me to put banana on my oats! HAHA! Never know cultural exchange on foodie can be so fun and practical. Hope you have a nice try with the fried banana soon. And ya, great realization on your side, the banana must be very very very sweet so wait till they are ripe :D Can't wait to see the video of that.
Thanks for your comment on my blog too. You've made my day.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing... looks very delicious...