Thursday, April 07, 2016

Baby Goslings Hatched Today!

Here's a video of seven baby goslings that were hatched this morning. The father (gander) is sitting on the nest keeping the babies warm, while Mother goose is out grocery shopping for her new family. She better hurry, as you can see in the above video some of the babies are eating feathers, they're so hungry!

Click on above image to view more pictures.

Watch the above unedited video taken the very next day. I can't believe they already left their about fast learners. Found the babies swimming with their parents in the pond on Fairway #17 at Woodhaven Country Club in Palm Desert, CA.

Check out the precious footage below taken by Jeannie Ward. Here the babies are walking single file on the pony wall before they jumped and dove into the ground. Notice how the Mother goose and the dad are watching to make sure they are safe.

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